Pumpkin Sticky Toffee Puddings for Two Recipe (2024)

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Dates are preferable because of their contribution to the sweetness and texture of the pudding. Pitted chopped dates are readily available in small packages at major grocers.Dried figs are the best option as a substitute with similar sweetness and texture to dates. Other dried fruits (golden raisins, cranberries, apricots, etc.) could be used but the result would be more fruitcake than toffee pudding. Toffee pudding is such a unique dish it should be experienced without modification.

Steve S

This is a disarmingly simple and delicious dessert. I did not waver from the ingredients, but I used our kitchen version of creme fraiche: one part heavy cream, one part sour cream


Delicious! Made it tonight.

Juliet Jones

Sticky Toffee Pudding is a "modern classic" English dessert, developed in the Lake District of northern England, and dates are an essential ingredient. If you don't want to use dates, don't bother making this! Prunes, figs etc are not a substitute. Also I would strongly suggest NOT using the kind of pre-chopped dates that come in a box. They are too dry. Buy the best possible Medjool dates, even the ones with a stone still in them, and remove the stones yourself.

Sara Brookhyser

Met up with Sticky Toffee Pudding in Glenfinnan, Scotland, known for the Harry Potter train viaduct and the point where Bonnie Prince Charlie returned to Scotland to mount his lineage’s comeback. I swooned at first bite. Got the recipe from the chef there at the Inn, In restaurant proportions-?!-and have made it regularly during the holidays since. Can hardly wait to try this version. The dates blend in becoming indistinguishable from the dark toffee flavored cake.


Sara, I've been to that exact same e place in Scotland last year. Beautiful part of Scotland. Care to share the recipe from your trip? Would love to compare. Cheers!


The cake is very gingerbreadish and sophisticated not merely sweet. It’s like a dense pumpkin muffin. Delicious, but not classic. Found the sauce needed a good glug of maple syrup. I doubled the recipe and made it in 4 ramekins. Huge hit.


Pumpkin pie filling is a canned mix of pumpkin puree, sugar, and spices. Don't use that (even for pumpkin pie, really). Do use canned pumpkin puree.

Indulgent and Simple

Delicious! Super easy to make. I have 6oz ramekins so I used the standard recipe to make 4 servings and it was perfect. Larger portions would be too much in my opinion. Baked 22 min. Don't skip the flake salt. Double the booze for a bit of bite to contrast the sweet. I had it with ice cream and it was lovely, but I'm sure creme fraiche would be better for some tang. I'll definitely be making this again!


So good. I tripled the recipe to serve 6. I poked a few holes in the puddings with a chopstick before pouring the sauce over them pre broiler. There was a lot of sauce on the side (which we happily used). Creme fraiche is key.


how to double or triple or quadruple this recipe please?


Do you set ramekins in water to bake? or just on a shelf in the oven?


make sure you use the bob's mill gluten-free flower mix that does not have chickpea in it if you do, as it will change the flavour profile


I'm celiac and I always make my Sticky Toffee Pudding with Pamela's Pancake and Baking Mix, which contains almond flour. My version is so good, my gluten-eating friends all prefer it and ask for the recipe. The recipe makes a much moister, denser cake but I wouldn't call it heavy at all. BTW, I got the recipe from a chef in Scotland. it's so good the way it is that I see no reason to add pumpkin to it.


Anyone know if this can be baked the day before?

Home cook

I’ve made this as written the last 2 holidays. It’s become a required part of the menu by family demand. Absolutely fantastic. I quadruple & bake in ramekins. Just bought the dates for this year’s batch.


I added broken up pecans Do not need as much syrup as it says


I thought this was delicious. I added a few extra chopped dates and pecans to the topping.

SD Cook

Very, very yummy. Followed exactly, including bourbon (because why not?). Everyone enjoyed, even the spouse who didn't want any...

Delicious; Easy To Make Vegan

My husband, who is vegan, made this for our Thanksgiving dessert. It was soft and delicious, not too sweet. He subbed vegan butter in the pudding and a bit of soy milk for the sauce. The amount of cardamom called for was too much for my taste (maybe because it was fresh rather than pre-ground?). Next time, I'd use a combo of cardamom and ginger to mellow the spice a bit. Will definitely be making this again!


Does anyone know if this can be prepared ahead of time and how to store?

Kel B

Haha Bourbon optional haha.


This was fantastic and really easy! Made as directed, using a mix of both ginger and cardamom instead of either/or. Tripled the recipe and cut into 16 servings, which is plenty! Not overly sweet and sour cream gave it a nice contrast. I will be freezing most of what’s left and pulling it out for a delicious treat.


Surprising easy, but impressive. The mix of the creme fraiche with the boozy sauce and the earthy cake... lovely. I added shards of pumpkin seed brittle to add a little crunch.


The recipe worked flawlessly! I was worried about overflow in 7oz ramekins, so I split my puddings between 3 ramekins. They were done in about 20 minutes.


Loved this but next time would add toasted walnuts and more spices and cut back on sugar/dates— Twas a bit too sweet for me


10/10. I added 1 T of date syrup to the batter, which was nice. This is so much simpler than any other recipe for this I have ever seen. Wow, its sweet (as it should be) and rich and warming and just delicious.

Tiff Taff

I love sticky toffee pudding and was game to try a pumpkin version for thanksgiving. I found the dates not to fit well in terms of texture and taste with this recipe. The sauce is absolutely amazing and I won’t lie that I tasted it many times before serving.


I did not have the ingredients for the topping, which, I know, makes it less authentic, for sure. But it made a quick and easy dessert, with just creme fraiche on top. Really good, even for someone who claims she doesn't like pumpkin.

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Pumpkin Sticky Toffee Puddings for Two Recipe (2024)
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