Where are they now? A look at FSU's transfers out from 2022, Part 2 (2024)

A look at where FSU's transfers out in the 2022 cycle ended up

Brendan Sonnone

Florida State's success in the Transfer Portal over the last several of cycles has been remarkable, with the Seminoles blending quality and quantity to bolster their roster with instant starters as well as multi-year contributors.

But an underrated part of the successful Portal usage has been FSU's ability to avoid losing key parts of the roster to other programs. Retention is a key part to FSU's philosophy as it's worked diligently to retain home-grown players who've developed at a high level while generally showing good judgment on which players it's comfortable parting ways with for a variety of reasons.

Today, continue our look at the 2022 offseason to reflect on what happened with the players who transferred out. Where did they end up and how did they perform?

Note: FSU had 24 players transfer out that cyclewe wrote about the first dozen earlier this week, and today we'll focus on the remaining 12 players.

DT Tru Thompson - Jackson State

Tru Thompson was a three-star recruit who committed to FSU very early in his prep career. Regarded for his impressive bench-press numbers, Thompson won with strength and leverage. He had 15 tackles, including 2.0 for loss with 1.0 sack as a true freshman in 2019.

But his lack of length and mobility wasn't an ideal fit for FSU's new scheme under Adam Fuller. His playing time went down gradually between 2020 and 2021, and he eventually transferred to the FCS level at Jackson State.

There, Thompson has done well. He's had PFF Grades in the 70s both in 2022 (seems as if he was injured for the first part of the year) and was a full-time starter this past season.

He's entering his final season of college eligibility for the Tigers.

LB Jayion McCluster - Alabama State

Jayion McCluster was part of the 2020 recruiting class, and won the FSU Defense Scout Team Award as a true freshman. He remained on the scout team in 2021 and transferred out the following offseason.
He transferred to FCS Alabama State. There, he played in 5 games in 2022 and recorded 13 tackles. McCluster recorded 1 tackle in 2023 and is no longer listed on the ASU roster.

LB Jaleel McRae - FAU

Jaleel McRae was a four-star recruit who showed some promise as a true freshman (200+ snaps), but his role diminished under a new staff.
He transferred to FAU following the 2021 season. In 2022, McRae had 34 tackles and 2 TFL in 11 games.
McRae didn't play in 2023.
He's now a graduate assistant at Buffalo.

OL Ira Henry III - Memphis

FSU made a late push for Ira Henry III in the 2019 recruiting cycle, and it was considered a sizable win at the time as the Seminoles beat out Florida and Auburn.
But Henry played sparingly over three seasons at FSU and transferred to Memphis in 2022.
However, he left the program at the start of the season after not being listed on the team's depth chart for its first two games.

OL Jalen Goss - FAMU

Jalen Goss was a developmental prospect out of the 2018 cycle. He played sparingly in 2019 and 2021 for FSU before transferring to FAMU at the FCS level.
Goss took over a starting job in 2022, receiving All-SWAC First Team honors.
He was injured early on in 2023 and was sidelined for most of the year.
It appears that he got a medical redshirt and is listed as a senior on FAMU's roster as he looks to close out his college career on a high note.

QB Chubba Purdy - Nebraska

Chubba Purdy was brought in as a potential QB of the future. The four-star prospect from Arizona had a big arm and plus mobility.
But a shoulder injury during his first scrimmage as a Seminole derailed his rookie campaign, and it lingered to the point of hampering his progress. He played in four games with one start over two seasons.
He transferred to Nebraska and was ultimately a reserve who started multiple games each season. Purdy had 529 passing yards and 2 passing TDs to 6 INT in his two seasons at Nebraska.
Purdy transferred to Nevada this offseason.

WR Bryan Robinson - Marshall

WR Bryan Robinson was a four-star recruit from the 2020 cycle who dealt with injuries early in his FSU career and never gained traction, playing in four games over two seasons before transferring out of the program in the middle of Year 2.
He went to Marshall and appeared in four games, recording 15 yards. He had 5 catches for 35 yards this past season.
Robinson is still with the program and was active this spring.

OL Dontae Lucas - South Alabama

Dontae Lucas, aka The Pope, had an abrupt end to his FSU career in 2021 after two seasons as a starter for the Seminoles.

He ended up at South Alabama where he became a two-year starter for the G5 program (had a PFF Grade of 52.9 and 62.1 in his two seasons there).

He committed to Southern Miss this offseason after re-entering the Portal.

DB Carlos Becker - Alabama A&M

At one point, Carlos Becker looked like a future star as a versatile defender in the secondary. But injuries robbed him of some of his athleticism and he never quite found his role under a new regime at FSU. Becker, who had 33 tackles from 2016-2020 at FSU, ended up at Alabama A&M and had three tackles in one game for the FCS program in 2022.

DB Brandon Moore - Nebraska

Brandon Moore was a strange story. He was a productive multi-year starter at UCF, but had a major knee injury to end his time with the Knights. He transferred to FSU and was with the program for the 2021 spring and some of preseason before leaving the program in August of 2021.
He ended up at Nebraska about a year later. He ended up playing in 10 games, recording an interception and a forced fumble as he played well in limited action.

DE Josh Griffis - Jackson State/Tarleton State

Josh Griffis left the program in August of 2021. He later dealt with some off-field issues.

Griffis ended up at Jackson State and did well in a rotational capacity (72.2 PFF Grade on 200ish snaps) before transferring to Tarleton State in 2023. There, he found his groove with 51 tackles, 5.5 sacks, and 8.5 TFL.

He entered the Transfer Portal this offseason and was somewhat of a commodity, ending up at Oregon State.

Where are they now? A look at FSU's transfers out from 2022, Part 2 (2024)
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