Marry My Husband fame Choi Gyu Ri cast in Kim Soo Hyun’s Knock Off; set to play actor’s sister (2024)

Actress Choi Gyu Ri is making it big on the small screen as she has been cast in the masterpiece Knock Off in the role of Kim Soo Hyun’s sister.

By Shreya Panda

Published on May 23, 2024 | 10:30 PM IST| 115.4K

Marry My Husband fame Choi Gyu Ri cast in Kim Soo Hyun’s Knock Off; set to play actor’s sister (1)

Kim Soo Hyun, Choi Gyu Ri: courtesy of tvN

Choi Gyu Ri, the actress from Marry My Husband, is making waves in K-town. In the upcoming series Knock Off, she has been cast as the sister of star actor Kim Soo Hyun. Choi Gyu Ri will portray Kim Seong Hee, the younger sister of Kim Sejong Joon, played by Kim Soo Hyun. Kim’s central character will lead the narrative as a key figure in the counterfeit market.

Choi Gyu Ri as Kim Seong Hee in Knock Off

According to Ten Asia's report, Choi Gyu Ri is set to star in the upcoming drama Knock Off (working title). This black comedy is set during the 1997 foreign exchange crisis (IMF crisis) through the early 2000s and revolves around various stories based on counterfeit luxury goods. The drama is directed by Park Hyun Seok, known for directing Season 2 of the tvN drama Secret Forest, and is co-produced by SLL and Arc Media. Broadcasting channels and platforms are currently under negotiation.

#ChoiGyuRi reportedly to join the cast of Disney+ drama <#KnockOff>, she will act as #KimSooHyun's younger sister Kim Sung-hee.#JoBoAh #KimSiEun #YooJaeMyung


— K-Drama Casting (@kdramacasting) May 23, 2024

Meanwhile, Choi Gyu Ri gained recognition for her role as Yoo Hee Yeon in tvN's Marry My Husband. She played an employee of U&K Food Marketing Team 1 and the half-sister of Yoo Ji Hyeol portrayed by Na In Woo. Marry My Husband made history as the first Korean drama to top the global daily TV show rankings on Amazon Prime Video, one of the world's largest OTT platforms, marking a significant milestone for Korean dramas. As a result, Choi Gyu Ri's popularity has soared. As of May 23, her number of SNS followers has surged from 2,000 before the show to over 900,000. Choi Gyu Ri is anticipated to solidify her status as a rising star, transitioning from playing Na In Woo's younger sister in Marry My Husband to portraying Kim Soo Hyun's younger sister in Knock Off.


More about Choi Gyu Ri

Choi Gyu Ri is a South Korean actress born on July 19, 2000. A native of Busan, she attended the city's International Foreign Language High School. It was during these early years she discovered her passion for acting through the school's creative theater department. Her interest in an acting career was sparked by the popularity of the series Reply 1988 when she was in the third grade. With the support of her parents, she decided to pursue acting professionally and dropped out of school. At 19, she moved from Busan to Seoul to prepare for her entrance exam at an academy, subsequently gaining admission to the acting department of the Korea National University of Arts, where she plans to graduate in the second semester of 2025.

Choi Gyu Ri began her career in short films before making her television debut in 2021 with a role in the TV series Chosun Uncle, where she played Shin Chae Young, the brilliant daughter of one of the protagonists, Park Hye Ryeong. Her performance was noted for its emotional depth and complexity.

In 2022, while continuing her university studies, she landed small roles in several television series. The talented actress made a brief appearance in Rookie Cops and played the head of the strategic planning team, Sunny, in Behind Every Star. The following year, she starred in the series Battle for Happiness, portraying young Jang Mi Ho during her high school years with a performance described by a critic as delicate and persuasive.

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Marry My Husband fame Choi Gyu Ri cast in Kim Soo Hyun’s Knock Off; set to play actor’s sister (2024)
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