Here's What to Expect in a Day on Noom (2024)

Here's What to Expect in a Day on Noom

You may have heard about a little weight loss app called Noom that’s helping chronic dieters turn their habits around and make changes for good. But what does a day on this diet-that’s-not-really-a-diet look like? Unlike restrictive diets that can feel overwhelming, Noom’s behavioral approach to healthy eating breaks the process into bite-sized pieces served up for your consumption on a daily basis. The app takes the stress out of developing healthier habits so you can instead push past your weight loss plateaus with a plan designed specifically for you. In fact, just ten minutes a day is really all you need to commit to the Noom app to start seeing results, but it’s the healthy habits that you develop that you'll instinctively carry with you throughout your day.

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The Noom process starts with a simple quiz to determine your custom plan, and once the app has pinpointed your problem areas — such as stress eating or boredom munchies — you can set out on the path to your healthier self, one day at at time.

Kicking Off Your Mornings With Noom

A typical day on Noom starts out much like any day would: scrolling through an app on your phone. Each day, Noom will share more information to help you tap into the psychology of why you eat the way you do, and how you can retrain yourself to make healthy choices without really compromising or feeling like you're missing out on "banned" foods. After all, denying yourself isn't going to be helpful in the long run. You will want to dig into a cheeseburger from time to time, and that's okay. But Noom will help you make decisions around that indulgence — through portions, planning and other tactics — to help maintain your health.

Noom's slow dispersal of actionable tips over time is purposefully designed to not be overwhelming. They know that bombarding users with an avalanche of information is not helpful, nor is it realistic that anyone could process such a large amount of information in one sitting, let alone put it into effect. We're talking about a new mindset and a new attitude toward health and eating here — that doesn't just happen overnight.

Instead, Noom shares helpful information, quick quizzes, and healthy habit-forming tips with its users, focusing on something new to work on each day that will bring them one step closer to better health. The app will share things like insights into your personal dietary patterns, and ways to set you on a roll toward developing "keystone habits." These are the good-for-you behaviors that set the basis for — and inherently intertwine with — the development of other healthy habits. For example, keystone habit numero uno is to "befriend breakfast." It's something we've all heard time and time again, but it still remains true that starting the day with a nutritious and filling meal will help you combat cravings and motivate you to stay aboard the healthy eating train all day long.

You might also begin your day by weighing yourself. You don't have to do it every day, though many Noomers do as it helps to keep them accountable. Noom suggests a weigh-in at least once a week to keep an eye on long-term trends and to make sure you're on the right path.

Noontime Is Noom Time

As you move throughout your day, you'll check into your app periodically to track your fitness and meals. Noom’s built-in database of foods makes it easy to log the foods you're eating and each is designated with a color: green, yellow or red. Of course green foods are the healthiest and should be incorporated in high amounts, but yellow and red foods are totally cool too — nothing is off-limits. In fact, these yellow and red foods are encouraged, as long as they are enjoyed in smaller portions. You can even create and save custom dishes to make logging your homemade meals a breeze.

Noom's coloring of foods makes it easy to see how your day is going with just a quick glance and helps you make conscious decisions about your day’s meals. For example, if you ate too many red foods at lunch, you'll know to aim for a lighter, "greener" dinner. Ultimately, the goal is to incorporate more and more foods with a low calorie density. That is, foods that have a small amount of calories compared to how much you eat of them — think green vegetables that are high in fiber and water content, but low in carbs.

To help you learn about the foods and habits that are best for you, Noom will offer quick quizzes that you can take whenever you have a spare moment. If the day's focus is on caloric density, for example, Noom will quiz you on which types of food will fill you up quicker. The next day, you may learn about social and environmental factors that help or hinder your progress. For example, Noom suggests that you don't avoid the sweets aisle when you go grocery shopping. Vilifying the section gives those foods power, but walking past all of the treats and desensitizing yourself to them puts you back in control.

Nighttime Is Primed for Reflection With Noom

At the end of the day, you'll want to check into the Noom app to reflect on your day and the progress you've made — or pinpoint the places where you can improve going forward. Keeping an eye on your weaknesses and celebrating your good habits will keep your motivation strong. You'll check in with your Noom coach once or twice a week and they'll keep you accountable to your choices, your progress and your goals. You can send them a message at any time, however, to share any obstacles that you'd like a little more assistance with, or to let them know about something that may be keeping you from logging as much activity as you’re expected (like a temporary injury, for example). You probably won't get an immediate response, but they will get back to you with personalized, actionable advice to make improvements going forward. You can also reach out to your group of fellow Noomers for support as you’re all likely to face similar stumbles on the journey to better health.

While you don't need to spend your entire day on the Noom app by any means, checking in for a minute here and there to keep track of what you're doing and gain informative insights is critical to your success. The app's supportive information is designed to be ingested bit-by-bit — and literally bite-by-bite — to help you not just lose the weight, but keep it off long-term.

Try the online evaluation and see if Noom is right for you.

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