Employee's Frequently Asked Questions: (2024)

There are several questions that arise when employees access the KROWD application.

Some of them are very frequently asked questions.

So we wanted to clarify and answer it clearly in this article.

During this Covid-19 Pandemic situation, It became very difficult to manage their KROWD Darden application from HOME. So here are the few solutions to check the applications directly from home without any problems.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Employee's Frequently Asked Questions: (1)

What options are available on the Darden KrowD application portal for an employee?

To access any of the below employment tools, anyone has to access the Krowd Login with their employee credentials ie., employee id/username and password.

  • Darden Paystubs.
  • Update direct deposit information.
  • Work schedules.
  • Darden Benefits and Health Insurance.
  • Tax filling instructions.
  • and more options for Darden restaurant employees.

Does Krowd App benefit employees of Darden Restaurants?

Yes, it is very helpful during this situation which helps the employees to access their work schedules directly from the mobile application.

Krowd Darden Olive garden employees can access their work schedules, shift timings, and more from the darden application.

Does Olive Garden has any application like KROWD?

KrowD is the only application that can be used for any Darden restaurant. Since there are several restaurants come under Darden.

All its resources and tools can be accessed from one application. So Krowd Darden Olive Garden Login can be used for Olive Garden restaurant employees.

How many Restaurants has Darden?

Darden owns 8 restaurants and it might increase. Some of the restaurants are as follows:

  • Olive Garden
  • Eddie V’s
  • Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen
  • The Capital Grille
  • LongHorn Steakhouse
  • Seasons 52
  • Yard House
  • Bahama Breeze

Having trouble with accessing “Pay and Benefit Info”? Help me!

The problem could be because of popup settings which by default blocks in most of the browser settings. Turn off the popup blocker settings on the browser.

  • Under Tools, select Pop-up Blocker settings.
  • Type *.darden.com and click on the ADD button & Click Close to save the settings.

When Accessing KrowD @ HOME, I received “BAD GATEWAY – a DNS lookup error occurred:”. How to solve it?

Again this could be the result of mis-configuration, so we recommend to set the settings properly at the browser level.

  • Under Tools, select “Internet Options”.
  • Select the “Connection” tab, and select the “LAN Settings”.
  • Uncheck – Use automatic configuration script
  • Check – Use a proxy server.

Can I access Krowd Manager HOME Access with my default firewall?

Yes, accessing KROWD Manager HOME access using the default firewall is possible if the firewall is configured properly.

We recommend turning off the firewall when you access and reactivate once you disconnect.

To get additional support, we request the employees to get in touch with the firewall support team.

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5 thoughts on “Employee’s Frequently Asked Questions:”

  1. I can not login on krowd i didnt write my username or password down and i dont have the store number


  2. Starting yesterday my gateway password glitched and put me back to the login page. I tried logging with my username and password saved on my goggle managing passwords. But it didn’t work. So I changed my password but it still didn’t work. I need some assistance.


  3. I can’t sign in to app! I tried my employee name assigned & zipcode, birth year. It won’t let me. Singn up or reset. Idk what to do. Store cheddars doesn’t answr phone until 11 am & I need to know
    if I work before then


  4. I work at the Olive Garden ON JONESTOWN ROAD IN HARRISBURG PA BUT DO NOT Have or know my store number nor can I download the app on my apple iPhone to get my schedule please email me at [emailprotected] to assist me thank you


  5. How does the auto-pickup work? If multiple people have an auto-pickup for the same shift, who does it go to? Does it go to the person who put it in first? The person with less hours?


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Employee's Frequently Asked Questions: (2024)
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