Cosplayer Interview: Jenna Lynn Meowri! (2024)

Cosplayer Interview: Jenna Lynn Meowri! (1)
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Of course I got excited when booty queen and overall sweetheart Jenna Lynn Meowri agreed to let me interview her! Having just discovered her work months ago, I find myself fan-girling over her daily. Jenna's base of operations lie in Virginia and she has talent that doesn't go unnoticed. Nor should it! It was her Sharpedo gijinka that drew me in which led to finding other characters she's done such as Princess Midna, Witch Mercy, MeMeMe!, and even the uh....Lusty Argonian Maid from the Elder Scrolls series. Jenna loves gaming but more-so calls her home to anime and comic books, so while most of the characters I mentioned are gaming based, Jenna wouldn't stray from doing a character she loved in the latter 2 geek areas.

Jenna just braced the onslaught of SDCC a few weeks back and wore her Black Cat on one of the days there. Of course she wore it well and the end result shots that were taken are gorgeous! Other tidbits about Jenna include how her page name came to be, cosplay origins, upcoming plans and in general thoughts about the cosplay community in its current state. I also ask several questions regarding cosplays of hers that really caught my eye, Sharpedo being an easy example.

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The bulk of this interview I'd have to say is found in the various cosplay related questions regarding her outfits. You'll also find pics that show off Jenna's favorite body part among other incredible shots :3. Towards the end, she even goes into naming specific cons that are her favorite which match each of her interests! Enjoy the remainder of this post guys!

What got you into cosplay and how long have you been doing it?

I got into cosplay byattending conventions with friends! I admired how some con-goers made costumesof their favorite characters and had the confidence to wear them out.Eventually I decided to join in after casually attending conventions for a fewyears. I’ve been doing it regularly for I want to say the past 2 and ½ years?

Which was the first cosplay you ever created?
Yserafrom WoW. Safe to say it did not turn out well.

Thinking back to the last convention you were at, did you enjoy it?
SDCCwas amazing and definitely enjoyed myself even while being sick! It definitelyhas a different vibe to it unlike the atmosphere you’d find at an anime conventionor smaller comic convention.

What cosplay(s) did you bring to this convention?

What is your favorite cosplay you’ve made so far?
Probably my Lusty Argonian Maid orTali’zorah.

What got you intobeing a geek?
When I was growing up gaming, comic-books,and anime were my outlets. They provided worlds away from my current one whereI could lose myself in an adventure or in the storytelling.

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Do you have anyother members of your family who are into what you enjoy? Or are you at presentthe only “geek” in the family?
My siblings mainly! Though my motherappreciates what I do and finds some of it amusing.

Many of yourcosplays stem from video games! Is that your favorite media to cosplay from?
I wouldn’t say favorite. It’s just costumes I’vegotten around to before others. Because I love me some anime, manga, andcomic-books.

After seeing your Sharpedo gijinka from thispast ColossalCon I was immediately hooked onto your work as well as massivelygenerating a crush on you. What made you choose that Pokémon to create? Werethere any favorite parts to it while it was being made?
Sharpedois one of my favorite 3rd generation Pokémon! I almost always had a Sharpedo inmy party when Playing Sapphire and Emerald. I really enjoyed making, dying, andstuffing the back fin! Though getting the other smaller details incorporatedlike the embroidery on the back and sleeves was enjoyable as well.

Your Princess Midna from Twilight Princesswas a very beautiful cosplay of yours as well! The photos from a previousKatsucon were incredible and overall it was very on point for the character. Iimagine you’re a huge fan of that Zelda entry? What about Midna attracted youto her?
Iam a fan of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! I love how sassy Midna is!Though I feel like a lot of people didn’t see past her sassiness to see thatshe genuinely cared for Link’s wellbeing. Just her design in general I feel ishighly original and appealing.

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Another cosplay ofyours that’s absolutely insane is your Tali’Zorah from Mass Effect! What madeyou pick that character out of the others from the trilogy? What was it likecreating that?
Because Tali’Zorah was my waifu throughoutMass Effect! When she was finally available as a romance option I was ecstatic.
It was a lot of work, highly time consuming, and expensive. I, however, don’tregret any of it and am highly pleased with how her build turned out.

CAN I ALSO SAY HOW RAD YOUR GENGAR IS CAUSEWOMAN YOU TALENTED <3. How did you come up with that gijinka design?
Icollabed with Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplayto get the design in my head visualized!

What do you thinkabout cosplay as it is now hitting the mainstream?
I think cosplay is a rad thing. It’s helpedto increase my social skills as well as elevate my crafting knowledge. Thefriends I’ve made through cosplay are also irreplaceable. I think it’s important to take things with a grain of salt. While, yes, cosplayis getting more mainstream it shouldn’t change things for you negatively unlessyou allow it to. At the end of the day, we are all adults dressing up. So don’t take yourselftoo seriously, try your best, and most importantly have fun.

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Do you have any upcomingcosplays for this year that you’re able to share?
I’mplanning to remake Ysera for Blizzcon this year as well as Bayonetta for AnimeWeekend Atlanta!

Do you imaginecosplaying being a part of your life within the next 5 years and do you hope toevolve your skill set?
I do! If I’m not improving I’m not going tobe satisfied with myself as a person. So yes! Constantly evolving to higherthings my dude!

What’s a day in thelife of Jenna Lynn Meowri? How did Meowri get added in?
Classes, gym, errands, gaming, etc.
Meowri is a play-off of my actual last name!

Any upcoming gamereleases you’re looking forward to?

The new Wolf Among Us. My god I can’t waitfor it.

Do youhave a favorite convention?
Animewise? Probably Anime Expo.
Gaming? PAX EAST.
Comics? SDCC.

I probably already know the answer to this but, favorite body part?
Booty, obviously.

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It's pretty much a goal of mine to meet Jenna somehow next year at a convention. She's just the sweetest person to me online and I eagerly wait for her upcoming cosplay builds! Please check her work out at the links below. Not to mention Jenna is a fantastic fitness role model :D As always, thanks for reading guys!

Cosplayer Interview: Jenna Lynn Meowri! (2024)
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