Cam Smith, Jordan Williams have career night in FSU baseball's win over Pitt in final road series (2024)

PITTSBURGHBehind a career-high four hits and five RBI from Cam Smith, No. 8 Florida State (37-12) beat Pitt (23-26) 15-4 in eight innings Sunday afternoon at Charles L. Cost Field. The Seminoles scored eight runs in the opening inning – its most in any inning this year – while Smith hit his 12thhome run of the season, matching his freshman total.

FSU mashed 16 hits in the contest, including eight in the first inning. Leadoff hitter Max Williams was 3-for-4 with two RBI and three runs scored; No. 9 hitter Jordan Williams was on base three times, scored three runs and stole a career-high four bases, the most for a Seminole since 1997; and all nine Seminoles scored at least one run in the game.

After Max Williams led off the game with a nine-pitch walk, Smith hit his 12thhome run of the year to give FSU a 2-0 lead, the Noles first of the weekend. FSU followed with five consecutive hits and sent 12 batters to the plate in the inning.

Starting pitcher Andrew Armstrong allowed three runs in 4.0 innings, his second-longest outing of the year. Brady Louck earned his first career win with 1.2 relief innings, while Yoel Tejeda Jr. ended the game with 2.1 scoreless innings.

The day began with Pitt finishing off a rain-delayed win over FSU from Saturday. Down 6-3 in the sixth inning, FSU plated a pair of runs but trailed 9-5 heading to the ninth inning. James Tibbs III and Smith hit back-to-back home runs – Tibbs second of the game and 21stof the season – and the Noles got the tying run to the plate, but the comeback bid was unsuccessful.


B1 | FSU 0, Pitt 3 Fogel home run, Popa and Funk scored

B2 | FSU 0, Pitt 4 Melendez singled, Popa scored

T3 | FSU 2, Pitt 4 Tibbs home run (20th), Fisher scored

T5 | FSU 3, Pitt 4 Smith doubled, Tibbs scored

B5 | FSU 3, Pitt 6 Kendro singled, Fogel and Zuckerman scored

T6 | FSU 4, Pitt 6 Lodise doubled, Cantu scored

T6 | FSU 5, Pitt 6 M. Williams sacrifice fly, Lodise scored

B7 | FSU 5, Pitt 7 Fogel home run

B7 | FSU 5, Pitt 8 Zuckerman scored on a wild pitch

B7 | FSU 5, Pitt 9 Melendez hit by pitch, Kendro scored

T9 | FSU 6, Pitt 9 Tibbs home run (21st)

T9 | FSU 7, Pitt 9 Smith home run (11th)


  • James Tibbs III hit his 20thand 21sthome runs, becoming the 19thSeminole in program history to hit 20 home runs in a season. Tibbs’ 21 home runs are tied for the 14th-most in FSU single-season history.
  • Tibbs' 48 career home runs are tied with Paul Sorrento (1984-86) for the 7th-most in FSU history.
  • Tibbs and Smith hit back-to-back home runs in the ninth inning, FSU’s fifth back-to-back home runs this year. Tibbs has been involved in three of the five.
  • Alex Lodise hit a pair of doubles, giving him 12 on the season. It was his second multi-double game as a Seminole.


T1 | FSU 2, Pitt 0 Smith home run (12th), M. Williams scored

T1 | FSU 4, Pitt 0 Lodise singled, Tibbs and Dinges scored

T1 | FSU 5, Pitt 0 West singled, Cantu scored

T1 | FSU 6, Pitt 0 Lodise scored on a wild pitch

T1 | FSU 7, Pitt 0 M. Williams singled, West scored

T1 | FSU 8, Pitt 0 Smith singled, M. Williams scored on an error

B1 | FSU 8, Pitt 1 Funk doubled, Cantwell scored

T3 | FSU 9, Pitt 1 M. Williams singled, J. Williams scored

B3 | FSU 9, Pitt 3 Funk home run, Cantwell scored

T6 | FSU 10, Pitt 3 Smith doubled, M. Williams scored

T6 | FSU 11, Pitt 3 Cantu singled, Smith scored

B6 | FSU 11, Pitt 4 Bischke sacrifice fly, Funk scored

T7 | FSU 12, Pitt 4 Dinges singled, J. Williams scored

T8 | FSU 14, Pitt 4 Smith singled, West and Fisher scored

T8 | FSU 15, Pitt 4 Tibbs doubled, J. Williams scored


  • Cam Smith tied a career-high with four hits and set a career-high with five RBI; he had a pair of hits in FSU’s eight-run first inning.
  • Jordan Williams – making his second start of the season – stole a career-high four bases, the most for a Seminole since J.D. Drew in 1997. Williams’ 14 stolen bases this season are the most since Ben DeLuzio (15) and Taylor Walls (14) in 2016.
  • James Tibbs’ double in the eighth inning was his 17thof the season, the most on the team.
  • Jordan Williams and Max Williams both had scored a career-high three runs.
  • Alex Lodise extended his hitting streak to six games with a two-run single in the first inning; Lodise has the longest active on-base streak on the team.


Florida State plays its final regular-season road game Tuesday at Stetson. First pitch is set for 5:00 p.m. on ESPN+.

Cam Smith, Jordan Williams have career night in FSU baseball's win over Pitt in final road series (2024)
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