Bengals News (1/10): Blocking out the noise (2024)

Playoffs Dawn With Bengals Blazing Their Own Trail: “This Team Is The 2021 Bengals'
Zac Taylor doesn’t want to hear about the Curse of Bo Jackson as he prepares for his first playoff game as Bengals head coach, set for 4:30 p.m. Saturday (Cincinnati’s Channel 5) against Bo’s Raiders in the fifth Wild Card game ever at Paul Brown Stadium.

Ja'Marr Chase sets the Bengals single-season receiving yards record thanks to yards after the catch
But it seemed like what he really wanted was Chad Johnson's Bengals season record for receiving yards he set 14 years ago when Chase was a New Orleans second-grader. And on a day he sat nearly every starting skill player but Chase, head coach Zac Taylor gave him the shot in Sunday's regular-season finale in Cleveland. A 21-16 loss that was a tuneup for the playoffs along with one record-breaker.

Quick Hits: Bengals defense didn't rest, continues to make plays
And head coach Zac Taylor would do it again after the Bengals finished 10-7 with the AFC's fourth seed heading into next weekend's Wild Card Game at Paul Brown Stadium. The fact that the Bengals didn't know their opponent yet when they got on the plane to head home proved Taylor's point.

Cincinnati Bengals look ahead to the AFC Playoffs
The Bengals revamped lineups on both sides of the ball in Sunday's regular-season finale in Cleveland played good enough defense to win generating two turnovers, but the offense couldn't hold up its end of the bargain in a 21-16 loss.

Postgame comments from Brandon Allen, Zac Taylor and the Bengals after the game versus the Cleveland Browns
"Just the fight of our guys. They really gave us an opportunity there in the second half. It was kind of a strange second half. The offense only had three possessions. Defense held them to seven points there. Our guys fought hard all the way through that onside kick. We had our opportunities. We didn't make the most of some of them, but I thought the guys that took the field today really gave us a lot of heart and effort, and gave us an opportunity to win. We just fell a little bit short."

Marvin Lewis rooting hard for Bengals, Mike Brown to end the playoff win drought
Any time I see Mike have success, it makes me smile. Any time you spend as much time as I did and talk to somebody every day for damn near 16 years, obviously, that’s somebody you’re very, very close to. I’ve spoken to him two or three times, and I’m really happy for the success they’ve had this season. So that would be great to see them win in the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals legend Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Praises Ja'Marr Chase and Joe Burrow
Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase put on a show against the Chiefs in Week 17, hauling in 11 receptions for a franchise record 266 yards and three touchdowns.

Bengals vs. Raiders spread, odds, picks: Expert predictions for NFL Wild Card game between Joe Burrow and Derek Carr
Cincinnati put an end to its skid of five consecutive losing seasons with a 10-7 record, the AFC North title and at least one home game as the Raiders come to town this week on Saturday. The Bengals demolished Las Vegas by 19 on Nov. 21, but plenty has changed since then. Cincinnati went 4-3 from that point on, winning games in a variety of ways, though none was more impressive than Zac Taylor’s team showing off its offensive potency. Joe Burrow threw for nearly 1,000 yards with eight touchdowns and no interceptions in Weeks 16-17 to clinch the division, proving that both Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins are capable No. 1 wide receivers.

2022 Bengals schedule: List of opponents set
The Bengals aren’t finishing last in a division and getting similar opponents around the league anymore. They’ll host at least one playoff game this postseason and as AFC North champs, the schedule gets more difficult starting next year.

Carolina Panthers Targeting Jay Gruden for Offensive Coordintor
Gruden was the head coach of the Washington Football Team for six seasons. He served as the Bengals' offensive coordinator from 2011-13 and held the same role for the Jaguars in 2020.

Realistic expectations for Cincinnati Bengals in playoffs
It’s happening! The Cincinnati Bengals are headed back to the NFL postseason for the first time since 2015 after winning the division on Sunday. Cincinnati has been able to turn the whole franchise around this year by building well through the draft and hitting on some key free agents.

Cincinnati Bengals to Kickoff Super Wild Card Weekend
The Bengals will kickoff Super Wild Card weekend against the Patriots or the Raiders on Saturday, Jan. 15 at 4:30 p.m. ET at Paul Brown Stadium. If the Raiders beat the Chargers on Sunday night, then they'll play the Bengals. If the Chargers beat the Raiders, then Cincinnati will host New England.

Around the league

2021 NFL season, Week 18: What we learned from Sunday's games
Carr silences critics amid classic. The 2021 NFL's regular season didn't end until Monday on the East Coast when the Steelers finally learned they'd be going to the playoffs -- right along with the Raiders. There was infinite chaos, clutch performances and head-scratching moments. Despite all the grandeur of this instant classic, most will focus on the Chargers calling a timeout deep in overtime. Were the Raiders actually playing for the tie and running out the clock? Apparently. Maybe.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has no worries about job status: 'I'm in great shape'
Speculation surrounding Carroll's future has lingered as a rough season turned sour with back-to-back losses to wipe away playoff hopes in December. But a big buyout on his contract extension signed in 2020, coupled with a rousing end of the season, including Sunday's road win in Arizona, has the Seahawks gearing up for another possible run in the Carroll-Russell Wilson era.

2022 NFL Draft order: First 18 picks locked in; Giants, Jets have two top-10 selections apiece
This is a look at the first-round order for the 2022 NFL Draft through Week 18 of the 2021 NFL season, along with the top three needs for each team. The order is determined by record, using strength of schedule as the first tiebreaker (click here to see a full list of the draft-order tiebreakers). Picks 1-18 are set, but the draft order for playoff teams is determined by the results of postseason play.

Ranking NFL head-coach openings: Which jobs are most enticing?
A quick glance at the playoff field gives a pretty good idea of why there is such volatility in NFL coaching offices. Philadelphia Eagles first-year head coach Nick Sirianni has his team in the playoffs. Zac Taylor, in just his third season, took the Cincinnati Bengals from the basem*nt of the league to the AFC North title.

NFL playoffs first look: What to like, dislike about 12 teams playing on Super Wild Card Weekend
The Bengals have the best set of offensive skill players in the league. They've got Burrow, Chase, running back Joe Mixon and three other talented pass catchers in wide receivers Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins and tight end C.J. Uzomah. That's more than enough firepower to create issues for any opponent in this postseason. That win over the Chiefs in Week 17 also gave Cincinnati plenty of confidence at the right time. If they can earn a tough victory over the two-time defending AFC champs in January, they can beat anybody.

Bengals News (1/10): Blocking out the noise (2024)
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