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Many home have lovely, traditional foyers (I can’t help but feel fancy saying “foyer”) – but many other homes have more challenging entrances. Of all the homes I’ve lived in, I’d say many more fall into the challenging group. More often than not, the space feels tight or awkward. Over the years, I’ve gathered up some tricks and am sharing my entryway decor ideas for small spaces to help you create a functional area! And even if you’ve got a grand foyer, I bet some of these tips will help you decorate too!

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1. Function Before Beauty

Above all else, we really want an entry way to work for us. In fact, I consider an entryway to be one of the main home elements that help life run smoothly.

When considering function, you’ll want to consider designated spaces for things like keys, sunglasses, as well as bags, coats, and sports gear.

entryway decor Tips
  • Function before beauty – how will it work?
  • Assess the Space – what does the space need?
  • Choose double duty decor – what items can function in more than one way?

For me, this is where I look for general functional elements, like baskets, hooks, benches, and even little shelves. You can look for sneak ways to add storage.

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2. Assess the Space

Ok, this seems obvious but hear me out. Often, we think of what we want an entryway to be or a piece of furniture we reallllly like and then sort of cram it in there. We might say, can I put this piece of decor here?

Nope. This doesn’t work. Instead, assess what the space NEEDS. This means you’ll measure walls and door openings, consider what’s happening when people come in the door, and any other limitations the room might offer.

What’s your home decor style?

For example, in a couple of my entryways, there was only a short wall right next to the door. Then you just walk right into the dining room. So this made the entrance actually quite small.

For these entryways, I used a petite console table that accommodated two baskets underneath and some on top and a proportionate wall mirror.

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Modern Entryway Decor

  1. Ceramic Vase (adds contrast and texture)
  2. Speckled Candle
  3. Pacific Natural Coffee Table Book
  4. Black Round Wall Mirror
  5. Wood Chain
  6. Wood and Metal Console Table
  7. Loloi Neutral Rug
  8. Square Woven Baskets for Storage

3. Double Duty Entryway Decor

Nothing makes me happier than a decor item that performs multiple functions. Looking for items that do two things at once is an excellent way to make a small space more functional. Sometimes, it can be as simple as doing its intended thing and then also adding a design element.

For example, in one entryway I chose a mirror (to reflect light, make sure we’re presentable as we head out the door, AND hold small items like keys and sunglasses). Check out my post on 9 Wall Mirror Decor Ideas for options.


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Another example includes a large basket which collects all the shoes, also adds texture, and is placed in an otherwise unused corner.

You might look for a console table with drawers, a shelf with hooks, or a bench with storage. Check out 6 of my Favorite Console Tables for more ideas. And don’t forget the light fixtures! I rounded up 9 Small Ceiling Lights perfect for entryways.

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allisa jacobs - Entryway Decor Ideas for Small Spaces (2024)
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